Research, evaluation and dissemination

Due to the high demands of today’s digital culture, when we have large amounts of (not always accurate) information at our fingertips, many artists, creative practitioners and professionals are required to research subjects, creating ethical and accurate content for dissemination on a number of platforms – digital website information, social media update, blog posts, catalogue information, as well as artworks, public displays in galleries, museums and other physical and digital spaces. At the other end of this scale, businesses, industry, groups and initiatives increasingly have to provide content and information in new creative and industry-relevant, original ways. With access to researchers and consultants who have been trained and working across the university in variety of fields and departments, AP brings together a diverse network, encompassing external individuals, groups and organisations associated with industry, government, public entities and charities, AP is able to draw on a diverse network of skill-sets and insights.

Artfield Projects offer research services, helping artists, individuals and organisations asses data, exploring subjects and going over them in accessible and discursive ways. By exploring what you need to know, why, and how it will be used we create tailored research outputs that enable staff, clients, the public, students and other audiences understand focussed topics as well as large-scale overviews of subjects and case-study examples.

Research Planning, Strategy and Delivery Services

Our Research Services  include a range of topic and need specific options, including:

• Subject-specific research into a focussed topic

• Overview summaries and assessments of large-scale topics

• Research planning and strategy training

• Practical training and advice on methods, records, referencing

• Research report collation

• Copy Editing  and Proofing services

• Research diagram generation, design, layout

• Funding specific and targeted research project development

• Funding scheme research

Research Process

Research begins by having several consultations about your research topic, how best to go about exploring it and your needs objectives for this research. Tailored Research, evaluation and dissemination services are explored as well as the time-frame and purpose of this activity are considered.

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