Artfield Projects is critical art practice based in London that operates at the intersection of art, design, curating, education and research to support the cultural production of both individuals and organisations.

As part of an interdisciplinary network, we produce culture that seeks to be as innovative as it is sustainable. Our work celebrates the potential of diverse kinds of creativity by seeking out and generating new opportunities for it to thrive.

Our outputs exceed events, exhibitions, curricula, training, talks and research. Central to our ethos is the conviction that critical and creative consultation can foster cultural production that is more meaningful for both cultural producers (artists, designers, curators, educators, researchers, organizations, etc.) and the constituencies they serve (audiences, clients, participants, readers, etc.).

Artfield Projects is committed to generating practice-based research that supports new forms of cultural production. This involves both creating and plugging into platforms where formal and informal learning mingle to produce rich encounters among people, places, objects, institutions and more.  The scope of our work is determined on a case-by-case basis, ranging in scale from focused meetings with individual practitioners to advance their practice to large-scale and long-term projects that coordinate various collaborators.

Artfield Projects has developed a reputation for adding value through experimental practices in organisation, presentation, display and publication that are designed to capture heretofore tapped significance. Our work has contributed to programmes at Tate Modern, the ICA, Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, the University of the Arts London, London Metropolitan University and many other cultural and educational cornerstones in London, UK and beyond.

We value knowledge as dynamic, experiential and co-authored. Unleashing the potential of art, design, curating, education and research in the worlds beyond the cultural sector is core to our approach.  We have recently developed a programme of in-house research and development that is focused on progressing avenues for this creative enterprise. The first leg of phase of this will run spring/summer 2018.